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Description of EBook Reader

EBook Reader is free, fast and highly customisable ebook reader for Android user.

Reading is our essential part of everyday life . This application can fully satisfy your needs , come to download it, will not let you down.

*** Features ***

- Support for most popular e-book format

For example : EPUB, RTF, FB2, HTML, plain text

- Support for direct reading from zip file

- Convenient to manage the local library

According to the book's title, author, series, etc. and to organize the user's local library

- Includes a browser/downloader for network ebook catalogs/stores

Direct access to the major online e-book library, a number of popular English, French, Russian, Chinese and Polish libraries are included, and free download e-books.

- Convenient electronic bookmarks

You can quickly add a variety of different colors bookmarks, beautiful and convenient

- Day / Night different reading modes

By setting background and font colors to protect your glasses

- The powerful book search function

- Flip action can be set

You can click on the screen, or slide the screen to turn the page, you can also use the volume keys to turn pages

- You can choose a variety of flip effect

Support curl animation (analog Book flip effect), slide animation, shift animation, and you can set the speed of the page

- Support for text translation feature

Integration with popular dictionaries, such ColorDict, SlovoEd, Fora, etc. If you installed the dictionary can translate selected text

- You can set the screen orientation

Facilitate the reading habits of different screen orientation

- You can use an external TrueType / OpenType fonts

- Quick navigation to read the page

You can flip to any page you want to see

- Sharing books

You can share books to your friends via Gmail, FaceBook, QQ, micro letters, Bluetooth

- Support for up to 29 kinds of languages


This app is base on FBReader code, and licensed under the GNU General Public License.

GNU General Public License:

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